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2022-2023 Breedings

**Click on the names in blue for a planned pedigree link**
   (Discount for 4-h families, DHIR (milk test), or Linear Appraisal)

*Prices listed in red (doe/buck) are in-utero/newborn price. Cost is subject to change; ie older kids. No price change if a reservation is made. 
*Bucks from 1st fresheners are generally not listed/not sold, please inquire if interested.
*We will have several milking does available after does freshen!

*For more information on each doe or buck, please see the doe and buck   pages via the tabs above!

Sable Breedings (etc):
Cookie Crisp x Pantera/Nico(doe:600/buck:500) Due Mar 9th                                                                                                              (1 doe reserved)

Kiwi x Hinto (Blue): (doe:600/buck:500) Due Apr 21st    (2 does reserved)

Keegan x Hinto (Blue)(doe:600/buck:500) Due Apr 26th                                                                                                             (1 doe, 1 buck reserved)
Lucky Charms x Hinto (Blue): (doe:450/buck:400) Due Apr 24th                                                                                                        (1 doe reserved)

Lita x Hinto (Blue): (doe:600/buck:500) Due April 18th (1 doe reserved)

Merry Token x Pineapple(doe:600/buck:500) Due Mar 8th

Merry Token.jpg
Mickey x Hinto (Blue)(doe:500/buck:450)  Due April 24th  (1 doe reserved)                                                 
Nabi x Hidalgo(doe:450/buck:400) Due Mar 27th

Nevaeh x Hidalgo: (doe:450/buck:400) Due Mar 9th
**Pedigree link is pending due to NG, she is Registered & a blue-                                                                        papered Sable (Out of Saraid, By MyFly)

Nightfly x Pineapple: (doe:450/buck:400) Due Mar 30th

Nectarine x Pistachio(doe:450/buck:400) Due Apr 5th

Narcissus x Hidalgo: (doe:450/buck:400) Due Mar 12th

Nasturtium x Hinto (Blue)(doe:450/buck:400)    Due Apr 18th                      
Noko x Hinto (Blue)(doe:450/buck:400)      Due Apr 17th 
Nettle x Hidalgo(doe:450/buck:400)  Due Mar 8th
Fair Play x Pantera(doe:400/buck:350) Mar 27th
Parfait x Pineapple(doe:400/buck:350)  Due Pending breeding
Peanut Brittle x Hidalgo: (doe:400/buck:350) Due Mar 28

Pessoa x Hinto (Blue)(doe:400/buck:350) Due May 8th

Puddle x Pineapple: (doe:400/buck:350) Due Pending breeding
                                       **Puddle's pedigree link is not yet complete, due to NG. She has a full                                         pedigree, ie: Dam is Trinity Valley Nevaeh, etc.

Hope n Pray x Pineapple: (doe:400/buck:350)  Due May 7th

Caoimhe (Keeva) x Hinto (Blue)(doe:400/buck:350) Due Apr 26th                                                           **Pedigree link is pending due to NG   (1 doe reserved)
Soda Pop x Hinto (Blue)(doe:400/buck:350)  Due Mar 29th                                                                 **Pedigree link is pending due to NG     (1 doe reserved)
Pinata x Pantera(doe:400/buck:350) Due Apr 26th

Pumpkin Pie x Misbehavior: (doe:400/buck:350) Due April 15th                                                                                                       (1 doe reserved)
                            Buck photo NA, owned by Ober-d'Rainbow/driveway                                      breeding

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