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Talache 's Sheldyn

C001673713      (Click on registration number for pedigree link) 

02/23/2014         FS89 (VEE ) @ 03-07

Sheldyn lives in Indiana, at Acres of Daisies farm. We have semen in the tank from this lovely silver buck who recieved best of breed/restricted leg at the Hoosier Classic in AOP Sr. kid. Sheldyn was the 2017 ISBA All American 3 Year Old Buck. He is excels at improving mammary attachments. As of 2017, he has 12 registered kids with 2 of them permanent champions!

Sheldyn, photo courtesy of Marianne Ingle

Daughter: GCH ACRES OF DAISIES OHHUNNYBUNNY; Sheldyn daughter, photo courtesy of Kickapoo Dairy Goats. National Show 1st place Sable & Champion Sable  2018

Talache 's Calypso Hymn

AC1778309                (Click on registration number for pedigree link)


Grand Dam: SGCH Talache 's Final Chance with LA: 03-02 92EEEE, First Place Sable Yearling Milker at 2015 Nationals

Sire: PINDELL'S ONF ROAD BASE  National Show Premier Sire, 2015

2017: Puyallup State Fair:   2nd place, Sable yearling milker, 2nd place udder        

Calypso is a lovely, correct doe, that has a gorgeous mammary and is growing into her full potential.

Calypso, Yearling, 2017
Calypso's Grand Dam:
SGCH Final Chance 3yrs 2017
GCH The Trinity Valley Eclipse   (50/50 Sable/LaMancha)

E1709083             (Click on registration number for pedigree link)

4/11/2014                      FS 92 EEEE @ 05-02                  

                                        FS91 (EEVE) @ 03-02

2019: Nationals: 5th place, 5 year old Recorded Grade

2018: Jan: Her progeny, Trinity Valley H Jazira, won 2017's ISBA, All American Experimental/under 1 year

2017: Top 10 doe in butterfat and protein.

2017: Monroe Show: 1st place x's 3, Best of Breed/Champion x's 2 and Reserve Champion in the 3rd ring. June/NEWDGA: 1st place & Best of Breed to finish her GCH Championship

2016: 1st place 2 y/o x's 3, Best of Breed/Champion Doe x's 1, Reserve Champion x 2

Eclipse, 3 years old
Trinity Valley Jannu
E1912975           (Click on registration number for pedigree link)

7/3/2017      **DNA**     

Jannu is one of those special, lovey does, sired by Talache's Sema.                           

Jannu, newborn,  2017
Ober-D'Rainbow Entrnal Revenue
C1692144          (Click on registration number for pedigree link)

4/15/2014      **DNA**     05-02  89 VEE  

We have been blessed (thank you Suzanne and Shannan) to lease this buck for part of a season. He is a sweet, kind hearted boy, son of Dace and half-brother to Hiroko. His genetics, daughters and confirmation are a great addition to our herd.                           

Revenue, 4 years,  2018

Talache's Romeo

E1932836         (Click on registration number for pedigree link)               

3/9/2018                               FS88 VEE @ 01-03                                                                   

                                                                                                              Dam: GCH Talache 's Reba


                  Romeo 1 year














        Romeo, 3 months, 2018

reba romeo dam 2.jpg
Trinity Valley H Jazira            (75/25 Sable/LaMancha)

E1864378               (Click on registration number for pedigree link)

3/13/2017                          FS89 VEVV @ 02-03

                                            FS87 (VVVV) @ 01-05

2019: Nationals: Recorded Grade 2 year old 10th place

2018: Clayton Show 1st place yearling x's 2

2018: Jan: won 2017's ISBA, All American Experimental/under 1 year

2017: NEWDGA 1st Place and Best of Breed, earning her dry leg. 

Jazira's following in her parent's footsteps (GCH The Trinity Valley Eclipse x Talace's Hero of Fortune) and we are excited at how she's maturing!                                 

Jazira, 2 year old, 2019
Trinity Valley Jayfeather              (75/25 Sable/Alpine)

E1871792            (Click on registration number for pedigree link)

5/25/2017              FS88 (VVEV) @ 02-01

                                FS87 (+VVV) @ 01-03  

2018: Clayton Show 2nd place yearling x's 2

Though Jayfeather is sold, we are so pleased to be getting a daughter back, who will be American Sable!


Jayfeather 1 year old.jpg
Jayfeather, yearling,  2018
Trinity Valley Katmandu       (75/25 Sable/LaMancha)

E1967903         (Click on registration number for pedigree link)


Katmandu is a pretty Jazz/Jannu daughter. Her daughters will be American Sable.

June 2019: Recorded Grade Jr. Champion, for her dry leg at the Spokane June Show

July 2019: Nationals, 2nd place Jr. Recorded Grade

Katmandu, dry yearling, 2019

Trinity Valley Key Lime Kreme

AC2063103           (Click on registration number for pedigree link)


Grand dam on Dam's line 2015 National Show Champion / Best of Breed

Great grand dam on Sire's line 2015 National Show winning 4 year old AND 2019 National Show winning aged doe, top 10 doe, finished champion.


Lime, 5 mos

Talache 's Felix
AC1974149          (Click on registration number for pedigree link)
03/18/2018            **DNA**     01-03  86 VVV  
Dam: Talache 's Fisseha, Top 10 breed leader 2018
Grand dam, GCH Talache 's Ice Magic Elmira (permanent champion)
Grand sire, Gold Seal Moon Shadow Superior Genetics, sire of 4 GCH daughters, 1 SGCH daughter (Klisse's Triumph of Hope 93EEE: 4 times National Champion, 50 best in show wins, several top ten lactations
Greatgrand dam, GCH Talache 's Halona (91 VEEE, Permanent Champion)
Greatgrand sire, Noble Springs Dace (Superior Genetics, 91EEE, Sire of  3, 2015 National Show class winners in 3 different breeds)
Aunt: SGCH Talache 's Final Chance (Best of Show, Permanent Champion, Superior Genetics, 92 EEEE, 2017 & 2018 Top 10 Breed Leader)

Fisseha; Felix, Jubilee dam.jpg

Felix buckling

Felix 1 year

Dam: Talache 's Fisseha, 2y/o

Final Chance 3y.jpeg

Aunt: Talache 's Final Chance, 3 y/o

GCH Talache 's Saraid

C001718927  (Click on registration number for pedigree link) 

 01/15/2015          9*M              FS91 EEEE @ 04-06     

                                                    FS90 EEEE @ 02-05

July 2019: Nationals: 3rd place Sable 4 year old

Sept 2018: Puyallup State Fair: 1st place 3 y/o, Best Udder & Best of Breed/Championship, 1st Dairy Herd

Jan 2018: Awarded 2017's ISBA's All American 2 year old doe

Mar 2018: One of only 3 goats that were selected for 2017 Total Performer Award! An International Award for goats that excel in Show, Linear Appraisal, and Milk (Production, Butterfat and Protein).

May 2017: Best in Show, Monroe, WA

June 2017:First in Class/Best Udder x3 rings, with Best of Breed to complete her GCH

2017: Top Ten doe in Production, Butterfat and Protein

2015 National Show, 1st Place Sr Kid

Sire: 02-05 90EEE,  2015 National Show: Junior Get of Sire

Dam: EEEE FS91, Top 10 in 2014, From 2015-17: Best in Show x2, Best Udder of Show x1, Best of Breed x8

Saraid is an incredible doe, confirmationally correct with an excellent mammary; & she has personality plus!

Trinity Valley S Jujube

AC1885427                (Click on registration number for pedigree link)

6/18/2017                              FS87 (V+EV) @ 02-00

                                                FS88 (VEEV) @ 01-02

2019: Nationals: 1st place 2 year old, 1st place Dam/Daughter, 1st place dairy herd

2019: NEWDGA Show Spokane B.O.B./Champion 1 ring, reserve champion 1 ring & 1st place dairy herd 

2018: Puyallup State Fair: 2nd place yearling, 1st place Dairy Herd

2018: Clayton Show 1st & 2nd place yearling

2018: Spokane June Show 1st place x's 1, 2nd place x's 2

This is our only Talache's Sema daughter! She has length and correctness.

Jujube 1 year old.jpg
Jujube, 2 years, 2019
Jujube, yearling, 2018
Trinity Valley A'Lyx

AC2019149              (Click on registration number for pedigree link)


2019: NEWDGA Spokane Show: Jr Championship/B.O.B.

2019: Nationals: 1st place youth intermediate kid, 2nd place overall          

A'lyx yearling.jpg
A'lyx, yearling, 2020
A'lyx, 4 months, 2019
Trinity Valley Lollipop

AC2023388   (Click on registration number for pedigree link)


2019: NEWDGA Spokane Show: 1st place April kid

2019: Nationals: 3rd place Jr doeling

Dam 2nd place 3 year old at Nationals

Jujube (half-sister), 1st place 2 year old at Nationals

Kiwi (niece), 1st place dry jr yearling at Nationals

Lollipop, 3 months, 2019
lollipop yearling.jpg
Lollipop, yearling, 2020
Joash JB Twix

C1795492               (Click on registration number for pedigree link)          

5/15/2016                         FS91 (EEEE) @ 03-01

                                           FS90 (VEEE) @ 02-03

Aug 2020: Hell's Canyon Lewiston Show: Best in breed, for her 2nd leg

2019: Nationals: 2nd place 3 year old at Nationals, 1st place Dam/Daughter, 2nd place Produce of Dam,

            & 1st place Dairy Herd

2018: Puyallup State Fair: 1st place 2y/o, Reserve Champion, taking a restricted leg behind GCH Talache 's                  Saraid & 1st place Dairy Herd

2018: Clayton Show 1st & 2nd place, 2 y/o

2018: Spokane June Show 2nd place 2 y/o

2017: Union Co. Fair: yearling milker, 1st x2 (her 3y/o aunt took champion in both rings

Twix is sweet, correct, and producing lovely daughters!

twix 2 year old.jpg
Twix, 2-year old, 2018
Twix, 3 year old, 2018
Dam: Joash JB Chocolate Snickers, 2017
Twix, Yearling, 2017

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