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We breed quality dairy goats for show and milk.

Welcome to Trinity Valley Ranch

We raise Sable dairy goats and Sable Recorded Grades for their wonderful personality, ability in filling the milk pail and for the love and excitement in being a part of this amazing and uncommon breed!


Our mission is to develop our goats and breeding program into something we can be proud of and do well.


Please check out our website and feel free to contact us to 'talk goats,' one of our favorite pastimes! (Texting (or call) is best.)


Performance Programs

Our Ranch is a member of the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA Plus), does year-around Dairy Herd Improvement Registry (DHIR), and participates in Linear Appraisal (LA) on an annual or biennial basis. We belong to the ISBA (International Sable Breeders Assocociation). We love to show, especially when we get to enjoy it as a family.


Both Jim and I have medical backgrounds and maintaining the health of our herd is very important: 

*Annual CAE testing; prior to kidding season and with any new animals

*Maintain a CAE/CL free herd, use CAE prevention

*Have a great working relationship with our vet

*Do our own fecal testing and treat as warranted

*Feed free choice dairy-quality hay, non-gmo grains, and vitamins/minerals

*Provide the goats with ethical care in all that we do

*Since we have a firm belief in prevention, our animals are closely monitored, and treated using natural methods whenever possible and conventional treatment whenever necessary

This helps us in our goals of healthy milk products for our family, a relationship with every goat and improvement with each generation!



We are blessed to have several wonderful mentors along our continuing journey. We would like to give thanks to the expert people in the following herds: Talache, Ober-d'Rainbow, March Ranch, Hosanna Farm, Joash, and Rockin-CB. Words can not begin to express how much your goats, photos (, time, generosity, and advice has meant to us!

Please visit our Facebook (link below) and give us a 'like!'



© 2020 by Trinity Valley Ranch.

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